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Foto 2016-01-09 23 34 17Foto 2016-01-09 23 44 13Foto 2016-01-10 00 47 33Foto 2016-01-10 00 19 36Foto 2016-01-10 00 52 08So it’s not a secret that I am a dedicated runner, obviously because I flaunt it from time to time haha… I just can’t help myself, I simply love it and people sometimes don’t quite understand how someone can love it so much. Anyways, I get asked a lot about jogging and if I can give any tips for beginners and I’m gonna give it a shot! First off I just gotta say that I have no professional training, I’ve learned from the internet and here I am a few years later doing pretty good! So I’ll list the most obvious things that are good to think about.

Don’t run on an empty stomach. Although it’s possible it’s harder, especially if you aren’t a regular runner. If you’re a beginner it may even be close to unachievable. I never run while hungry, it takes out all the fun and hitting the runners high just won’t happen and for me that’s very important. And don’t forget to hydrate!

Find the right shoes. Running in the wrong shoes will give you hell like burning blisters or/and hurting feet and joints, while running in right shoes will reward you greatly. Keep in mind that the more expensive brands /models aren’t necessarily the best for your feet! Also, function is way more important than pretty!

Don’t forget the boob support! Don’t buy a cheap cotton one because it’s comfortable in the fitting room, dem bobbas deserves to be hugged tightly with love! Unfortunately good sports bras tend to be pretty pricy but if you’re lucky you can find a cheaper option. I actually got my current one from H&M and I kinda love it.

Don’t stress about appearance.
People say to me very often than they’re scared of what they might look like and what people might think. Running is not a fashion show, you know. You will sweat, get tomato red, your hair will get messy, etc. You won’t be your prettiest. Forget about your looks and focus on your running! I know I look like a hot mess but does that bother me? No! I used to be anxious about it but I stopped caring a long time ago. The pictures in this post do not show of how I look at all while I’m actually running haha, it’s jus for show.

Don’t wear makeup. Sweating with a full face of makeup can damage your skin. Speaking as a person with acne prone skin I know for a fact that sweating through foundation will make your skin break out (if you got sensitive skin). I even try to not wear moisturizer because my skin is such a pissbaby.

Listen to music you like and pumps you up. Music can make an amazing impact on your running! Personally, I never run without music unless my phone dies or my headphones stop working during the run and I have no choice. If you don’t really know what you like to run to I have a public spotify playlist you can browse through or subscribe to. I update it frequently.

Use tracking apps. It’s not necessary but it can be very helpful to keep track on your progress. I’ve used RunKeeper since November 21 2012 – 5.42 PM. I know that because that’s the first tracked route with that app. What I like about it is that it frequently tells me how far I’ve run, how fast I’m currently running and my average pace per kilometer and that’s a bit of a motivation actually.

Don’t run the same track and the same pace every time. Basically variate the distance, pace and route every now and then. It helps you improve and you won’t get bored as easily. My routes variate from 5k to 20k from fast pace to a slow pace and sometimes intervalls. Variety is key!

Let your body rest. But can you run everyday? You could, but it depends on your current fitness. I wouldn’t recommend a beginner to run everyday. Not even I who is a regular and fit runner run everyday on a normal week. 3 – 4 days is more than enough for a beginner. Either way resting and sleeping is essential so you muscles have time to repair and strengthen.

Have realistic goals. As important it is to have goals it is also important to have realistic ones. No, you won’t be able to run 10k or have an average pace per kilometer on 4 minutes. I was nowhere near where I am today at the beginning. Start easy with 2-3 km and go from there. A quick google search can help you find programs for beginners.

Don’t compare yourself to other runners. There will always be someone faster and fitter than you. Be the best you can be improve in your own pace.

Don’t expect to always be at your best. Sometimes you just won’t be as good as you were at your best and that’s that. Your body is not some robot, it’s a living thing that has ups and downs.

Listen to your body! I cannot stress this enough. If your body is not fit for fight, it probably isn’t and do not force it. Pushing yourself when you’re just being lazy is a good thing, but pushing yourself when your body is telling you its hurting you gotta take a chill pill, bruh. So learn to recognize the signals!

Stretch beforehand and after running. I gotta be honest, I am so bad at this. I don’t even want to admit how often I skip stretching. So be the bigger person and keep that stretching going haha.

Warm up. Either do stuff like jumping jacks before you go running, walk in a brisk pace or run slowly the first 5 minutes so loosen up the muscles.

I hope these lil tips have at least helped a little bit, if you want to know everything there is to know about running you always have our common friend to turn to – google!



  Natalie wrote @

I’m a horrible runner. I truly suck. But I’ve decided to try my best – again – because I want to get more in shape and running is a good friend with my dear old gym! No point in having nice muscles if you can’t show em off! Thanks for all the tips Johanna, I’m gonna try this….


  Tris wrote @

This is really great thank you! I used to run but stopped but been thinking about getting started again, I believe this might help ❤

  Shanelle wrote @

Riktigt bra tips!
Jag är så dålig på att springa men jag känner mig motiverad av dina bilder från springturer och då du skrivit om det, så jag känner att jag vill men jag har som inte kommit till att göra det. Kanske nu haha 🙂

  Iza wrote @

Jag har så svårt för att känna mig duktig när jag springer, jag tänker alltid på “hur bra alla andra är”. Det här inlägget ska jag läsa innan varje springrunda tills jag slutar tänka så. Tack! ❤️

  Mathias wrote @

Vintern är nog en av de bästa säsongerna för löpning, efter sommaren då.
Höll på med löpning för några årsen men överansträngde mina ben så var tvungen att ta en paus från springandet ett tag men är nu igång igen och börjar närma mig mina gamla tider vilket är oerhört trevligt! Och nu har man flyttat så får hitta nya vägar att springa på vilket jag är lite glad över, men saknar min gamla runda haha..

  Myu wrote @

I used to be super fit and super active, but after i got my first job and worked from 8 to even 17 hours every single day i didn’t have time. I lost something that used to make me happy- sport and art. Now i can’t go back to any of it…i got super lazy plus i lost my amazing imagination. I hope reading posts like this will motivate me.

  sofia wrote @

Helt fantastiska bilder! himla snygg i springkläder! 🙂

  Alicia wrote @

“You will sweat, get tomato red, your hair will get messy, etc.” Well, thank’s for this! I’m not very fan of jogging although I use to do cardio exercise almost every day of the week, but I have a lot of friends who think that you can go out for a run and look neat… I’ve always thought that when you sweat and you feel gross is when the exercise really worked. And thank you too for the “Have realistic goals” point: it’s basically impossible to start running for the very first time, not being used at training AT ALL and run 4 km… Anyway, thank’s for this post and for the workout playlist, will use it for my gym sessions. 🙂

  Anonymous wrote @

Jag är en liten spinkis som har extreeeeemt svårt att gå upp i vikt (jag är 160cm och har aldrig vägt mer än 41kg) så jag undrar om löpning har någon benefit för mig, eller är det bättre för dem som vill gå ner i vikt?

  Johanna Herrstedt wrote @

sålänge man ersätter energin man har bränt bort med mat så går man inte ner i vikt. Jag är också en spinkis med det senaste året har jag sprungit mer än vad jag någonsin gjort och jag har inte minskat i vikt alls, om något har jag nog faktiskt ökat i vikt. Du bör bara försiktig i början dock och lär känna din kropp ordentligt så du vet hur den reagerar för det är annars ganska lätt att tappa vikt om man inte har koll.

  Paula wrote @

Thank you for do this. I’m gonna start soon and this truly help for me.

  Lauren wrote @

Hi, I’m a newcomer to your blog. I was wondering if you do anything else besides running? To stay fit but also to help supplement your running. Thanks!

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