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avec vous ce soir

Foto 2015-12-19 00 49 44Foto 2015-12-19 00 55 17Foto 2015-12-19 00 57 41Foto 2015-12-19 01 01 36Foto 2015-12-19 01 09 14au revoir mon chéri



  Filip Vlasic wrote @

These are so dope and your photography skills are out of this world!

  Elaine – wrote @

va va vom! 🙂

  Shiva wrote @

Hi Johanna! I love this shoot 🙂 Can you please tell me the lighting setup for it? any filters? I’m a photographer who is still learning and I’m curious. thanks!


  Desiree wrote @

Hey Johanna! As always, you’re pictures are great!
I just wanted to leave a compliment here: your makeup is always stunning but I absolutely love (and am jealous of) your skills to make your skin look so natural. When I do my makeup (I have acne and big pores), I always look super caked because I want to cover up my pimples. I don’t do eye makeup because I think it doesn’t suit me, but I wish there was a way to perfectly cover up blemishes and acne without having to use three layers of cover up, concealer, powder etc etc. Anyway, your skin looks so natural, I adore it!

  Samantha wrote @

These are amazing. All of your photography is on point. Any chance you would do a photography tutorial? I’m new to my camera and would love to learn how to take pictures like this (settings, lighting, etc.).
Please consider!

  jennie wrote @

Supersnygga bilder, får mig och tänka på Natalie Portman i Closer!

  S wrote @

Woooooow love it!

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