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  Kaylie wrote @

love the makeup look Johanna! how do you edit the lettering with the pictures inside like that?

  Johanna Herrstedt wrote @

Thank you! By adding a text layer, atop of that a picture layer and then creating a clipping mask (filed under layers) in photoshop.

  Kiara wrote @

You have amazing photography, what kind of camera do you use?

  Johanna Herrstedt wrote @

Thank you! Nikon D90

  Angelina wrote @

You r stunning!!! These photos are sooo gorgeous!

  Ria wrote @

Bilderna är perfekta!! Wow

  Juste wrote @

Do Maleficent look!!! from Maleficent(with Angelina Jolie)

  Camila wrote @

Hey Johanna! I saw your insta post and decided to comment!

I know you’re very pretty and one thing I notice is that everyone always comment on how slim or “perfect” with eyebrow game strong you are (which I agree)… So I think a daring makeup look for you is to try and make yourself look… Monstrous. Like. Horror movie/Star wars material! This would be awesome. Maybe Snow White witch?

(At first I thought of “hey she could make herself look non-white or fat!” More basic but still different. But this would stir too much shit with haters 😛 haha)

Good luck! Also, awesome makeup and photo skills on that!

  Aislinn wrote @

Beautiful work! Maybe you could consider doing a princess mononoka look for your next one? It would look great themed with your Swedish woods!

  imiharrison wrote @

Would you maybe consider doing a black swan look? I have to do it for my friend for halloween but i don’t really know where to start.. x

  Ruba wrote @

This is fantastic, you’re very artistic! Id love to see you do your take on the snow queen or malificent.

  Alexis wrote @

This turned out beautiful. I love the inspiration you used. With Halloween being right around the corner I’d love to see anything dark and unusual. I can’t wait to see more from you including your take on a corpse bride.

Do your thang.

  florin wrote @

You should do a bloody mary tutorial! idk I think you’d look bomb as it (:

  Evgenia wrote @

you are unusual and very beautiful girl! love your pictures

  Eva wrote @

As you wrote in your acc in Instagram, I would see you as a panther or leopard)) Or excuse me, if I am too intrusive)

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