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Although it’s been months since I went skiing in The Alps I never really made a post about it other than a picture here and there on Instagram. I can start off by saying it is easily one of my happy places. I was there for 10 days and it was like a detox for the body and mind on a spiritual level. I was so amazed by the beauty of the high snow covered mountains and I honesty felt so at home with them surrounding me wherever I looked. So naturally I took a lot of photos (with my iPhone because there would be no use in bringing my Nikon on a skiing trip), about a thousand actually, but I’ve picked out the gems and I’m gonna share them with you. Buuuuut despite slimming the numbers down there are still quite a lot of them left so I’m gonna divide them into separate posts! So I’m starting off with the departure from Sweden, to the middle landing in The Netherlands, over to Italy and lastly the car ride to Champoluc where we stayed in a cozy hotel called Le Rocher Hôtel (one of the owners is swedish). We had such luck with the weather because it hadn’t snowed before we arrived, not even in Champoluc, it literally started while we drove up to the valley! Anyways, Enjoy!
IMG_3106IMG_3118IMG_3117IMG_3114IMG_31082IMG_3109IMG_3112IMG_3107IMG_31203IMG_3119Foto 2015-09-20 18 51 38Foto 2015-09-20 18 53 34IMG_3182IMG_3183IMG_3090IMG_30894IMG_3181Foto 2015-09-20 18 59 17IMG_3111IMG_3087Foto 2015-09-20 19 06 00Foto 2015-09-20 19 16 28



  Vivi wrote @

Dina bilder är verkligen fnatastiska! Hur redigerar du dina bilder så att de blir så fina? Kram!

  Johanna Herrstedt wrote @

Tack så mycket! Just dessa bilder som är tagna med mobilen så gjorde jag det enkelt för mig och fixade till dom lite i en app som heter Aferlight 🙂 Vet dock inte om den finns för Android.

  Hannah wrote @

absolutely beautiful pictures!! I’m in love

  Emma wrote @

Väldigt fina bilder! Himla skillad fotograf måste jag säga, haha 🙂

  Silke wrote @

What camera did you use?

p.s I absolutely love your blog and i think you are pretty amaizing

greetings from Germany

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