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run 1run 2Sun is setting by the horizon, heart is pounding, sweat is rolling like pearls down the skin and my legs are pacing in the rhythm of the loud music in my ears. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. I’m going fast, my feet hardly touch the ground as if I’m flying. I’m unstoppable and free like a lioness of the savannah. You can chase me but you’ll never catch me. 

It’s hard to put into words what I feel when I get the rush from running but it’s a high I can’t imagine getting tired of. I never thought I would get to this point when I started running 3 years ago but I never regret my decision of doing so. People look at me, underestimate my physique and think I’m crazy. They tell me ‘you don’t need to run, you’re already skinny’ as if I’m not aware of that. But it’s not about that. I know I don’t have to run, no one really has to. No one is telling me to run, I’m not forced. I do it because I can, because I am able to and most importantly because I WANT to. I can have the worst day and a simple run can turn it all around, it’s basically a natural happy pill due to the endorphin release that comes from exercising. Although I’m not big or muscular I am stronger than I’ve ever been and if anything I’m only aiming to become even stronger – and faster. So get the idea that exercising is merely to lose weight because it’s not, maybe to some but not for me. The past year I’ve run farther and faster than any of the previous years and pounds have only piled on lately! However, I will start a health journey that will take me to the best health I can be. I don’t know when to start yet but when my train leaves the station you’re free to join me (:

P.S. Yes I am wearing a normal bra in these pictures but it’s just for aesthetic reasons. I would NEVER run without wearing sports bra. The top right picture is flipped horizontally.



  Tyelle wrote @

Great photos! I love your style Johanna, you can make a tutorial for this braid?

  Paula wrote @

Love your blog, I hope you upload more posts soon. Totally addicted.

  Vanessa wrote @

I love your photos! How often do you go running?

  Leonie wrote @


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