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Godmorgon godmorgon! Uppenbarligen har jag sminkat basen här men tänk om man vaknade upp helt slät och med en highlighter som syns från flera mil haha. Nu är det absolut inget fel att ha diverse brister i huden, den är mänskligt och alla har dom i större eller mindre doser. Men kanske man vill täcka dessa och då är det ju bra att möjligheten finns varesig det är varje dag eller bara någon gång ibland, whatever som känns bäst för dig! Personligen har jag testat alla möjliga olika rutiner genom åren och varje gång jag tror jag har hittat the one kommer jag över en ny ännu bättre produkt. Så denna morgon tänkte jag dela med mig av min nuvarande rutin!
Good morning good morning! I’m obviously wearing my base makeup here but imagine if you woke up completely smooth  and with a highlighter that can be seen from miles away haha. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having various skin flaws, it’s totally human and we all have them in smaller och bigger amounts. But maybe you want to cover these flaws and good thing there is an opportunity whether you take it everyday or only once in a while, whatever feels best for you! Personally I’ve tried lots of different routines through the years and overtime I’ve thought I’ve found the one I always come across a new and better product. So this morning I thought I could share my current routine!

● Make Up Store Prime and Protect
I don’t use this every time I do my makeup, only at special occasions when the makeup is rather important or I just want to feel a little extra pretty. I’ve noticed my skin break out a little if I use it everyday for a longer period of time but every once in a while doesn’t hurt.

● Make Up Store Matt Foundation
Currently in shade Cream. I don’t really use foundation to cover blemishes, I leave that for the concealer. I feel like foundation is mainly for the purpose of even out the skin.

● Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer
Best concealer I’ve used yet. Its texture is super light yet has full coverage without getting caky. Where was this product when I had acne?? I only use concealer when I think it’s necessary for example when I have pimples or fresh scars the foundation doesn’t cover. There is no need to apply layers that doesn’t really do any difference. It also works good to frame/line eyebrows and lips but I very rarely do that. I have 4 different shades but in total there are 16 different ones.

● Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and/or Cream Kit
I usually use the Contour Kit when I have a lot of break outs because with the powder I can sort of dab it on without risking smearing out the coverage so the pimples I just had covered appear again. Aaaand I think powder is easier to work with so naturally I use the cream kit less. But my most normal contour routine is using the powder lightly by my cheekbones and forehead and the cream to contour my nose and highlight my cheeks and cheekbones a lil extra (which I don’t always do). In the pictures above I’ve only used the powder routine with darker shades.

● Make Up Store Blush Must Have or Cherry Blossom
Basically just to add some color other than brown contour shades. A lil rosy cheeks never hurt anybody!

● Make Up Store Gleam Dream Rose
I’m a hoe for highlighters, oh my god. Favorite one yet is this one and my make up is incomplete without this. I apply it on my cheekbones, browbones, in the corner of my eyes and sometimes atop of my upper lip to get a fabulous shine even when the sun is hiding.

● MAC Set Powder
I usually don’t use this until my skin gets oily since I don’t like looking too matte. So basically if my skin has oiled up after some hours I just dab some of this translucent powder on desired area so I don’t look too shiny. MAC is not my first makeup choice though considering their stance on animal testing. I won’t start making excuses because it doesn’t justify anything. I am currently searching for another cruelty free product.

I had the pleasure to use my mom as guinea pig to show how far you can go with these products (except for Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit and Make Up Store blushes). She has a lot of hyper pigmentations in her face and I thought I could practice my skills on her – although I don’t see that as flaws at all and don’t think it’s necessary to cover them up in general. Basically what is making following coverage possible is the concealer from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Shades lined from left to right: 0.5 – 1.0 – 1.5 – 3.0

DSC_0178DSC_0205 copy



  Angelina wrote @

You are awesome! ❤ Stay great!

  N wrote @

You are so beautiful inside and out! You inspire me so much 🙂
ps. what are your favorite drugstore eye lashes?

  Allison wrote @

Since you are looking for a cruelty free translucent powder, do you only like to use cruelty free??

  Johanna Herrstedt wrote @

The great majority of my makeup is cruelty free except for certain products which I am replacing by time. My goal is to only use cruelty free makeup altogether.

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