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First day on the job

DSC_0926DSC_0877Well well, första dagen på nya jobbet då kan man väll säga! Inte helt fel om jag får säga det själv. Som ni säkert redan vet så heter jag Johanna Herrstedt och jag är nykomling i United Influencers-familjen! Dock är jag inte ny i bloggvärlden. Jag vet inte riktigt vart jag ska börja, är alltid så dålig på första intryck (trots att detta inte räknas som det haha), jag har så mycket jag vill få sagt men det hade bara blivit en röra att försöka koka ihop allt i ett inlägg haha. Men tur är väll det att jag har en helt nystartad blogg som jag kan make it rain men idéer och tankar! Jag tycker ändå om att inspirera, motivera och hjälpa andra och jag ska fasen göra mitt bästa. Kan inte hjälpa att jag känner mig lite som en hönsmamma för jag vill alltid göra det bästa för mina följare genom åren utan att tappa mig själv. Men jaja, jag är fett hypad på att köra igång så håll i hatten för här kommer lilla jag. Ska bara trycka i mig antagligen årets sista svenska jordgubbar!
Well well, first day on the new job I guess you can say! Not too bad if I can say so myself! As you probably already know my name is Johanna Herrstedt and I’m a newbie i the United Influencers family! I’m not new in the blog world. I don’t really know where to start, I’m always so bad with first impression (although this doesn’t really count as it haha), I have so much I want to have said but it would just turn into a mess if I tried to cook it all together in one post haha. Luckily I have a whole new blog to make it rain with ideas and thoughts! I like to inspire, motivate and help others and I will damn right do my best. I can’t help myself from feeling a little like mother hen because I always want to make the best for my followers without losing myself. But whatever, I’m super hyped on getting this party started so get ready because here I come. I’m just gonna shove probably this year’s last strawberries down my throat!



  Elaine – En Hopplös Fotograf wrote @

Så himla, himla kul! Detta ska bli jättespännande att få fortsätta följa dig på en ny plattform 🙂 Massa lycka till 😀

  Victoria Ivanova wrote @

I’d really love it if you blog about your skin care routine. I’ve read the post on your previous blog about how you got your acne to go away and I found it really helpful.
Also any recommendations on how to grow eyebrow hair if that’s even possible? I’m honestly so tired of me filling mine in and I wish they’d look good without using makeup on them since Im not really a full-face-makeup-person and I only like to focus on my eyes.
Lots of love. xoxo

  Lena Frie wrote @

Yeah, this is really good idea, Johanna, can you make post about your ‘eyebrow journey’ with some tips on how to grow them dense and just generally better looking?

  Sofia wrote @

I’ve followed you on instagram for over a year now, and of course I’ve seen your posts about jogging/running. I can honestly say that you’re goals!! Idk how you feel about doing a post about jogging, but that would be really helpful. I’ve always loved running(except in school. That cooper test killed me, I blacked out after it, even tho I mostly walked), but I suck at it. My physical condition sucks. I don’t have any motivation, I feel stupid whenever I go jogging, I’m afraid someone will see me and judge me because I’m doing it wrong.. So my point is this: would you do a post about running? About how you started it, what motivated you, did you have any goals, how often did you run etc. some tips for beginners? I know that there are dozens of other runners and tips on the internet, but I’d like to hear yours!
Thank you, love from Finland! (And ok I have one more thing: you’re super good at drawing! How do you draw the skin tho? What sorcery is that..)

  Kassy wrote @

I’d love to see makeup tutorials, your makeup is always on point!! I’d also enjoy seeing some photography tips, for as I’m gonna be going to college for photography next year and could use some advice 🙂

  Marianne wrote @

I’m glad to have someone to follow. I need to learn Swedish, so your blog will be so helpful!

  Diane wrote @

Hi hi, I absolutely adore you and everything you do. This blog is so pretty!! I’m happy it’s finally up and running, can’t wait to see more content. I just wanted to inform you of a few typos in the English translation of your 1st post. Idk if you care, I was just letting you know! ALSO, make up tutorials would be very tight. You slay. XOXOX

  Angelina wrote @

FIIIIINALLYYY You got the new blogg which is AMAAAAAZING, Johanna!!!!! understand? It’s uncoceivable and I think that you do deserve it!!!!!!!!!!

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