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bloggen 2We’ve seen them all! There is no deny in that eyebrows is on everybody’s mind right now and has been for quite some time whether we want it or not. Everywhere we look there are eyebrow goals here brows on fleek there! Never did I know when I fucked up my brows at a young age that a neat pair of brows would be as important as it has become. Luckily I figured out how to take care of my brows by the time this trend had gained its popularity. Although the overall desired brow is a thick yet neat one but not everybody have that basically because of genes and I don’t think people with lighter hair growth should stress about it. Smaller eyebrows can be as much on fleek as any other bigger eyebrow, trust me! The key is figuring out how to care for your little or big bushes over your eyes! I will guide you through how I maintain my eyebrows but at the same time give you some tips how you can treat your own regardless your genetics. Heck, work with what you got! Keep in mind that I speak after my personal preferences and there is no wrong in doing your brows the way YOU want. It’s your brows you’re rocking and your happiness is what matters!



Let em grow, let em GROOOW! But really tho, as hard as it may be just put down the tweezer, wax, scissors or whatever tools you normally use. It’s much easier to get it right if you go back to square one. No, you won’t look stupid.

To dye or not to dye? That’s the question. I’ve dyed my brows for years and years, black, brown, red and once I even bleached them. It’s to get an even color all over my eyebrows so the smaller and lighter hairs blend in with the thicker and darker ones. I always do this before i remove any hairs because if you try to dye your brows you will notice that they appear bigger and more marked than before and it helps you decide which hairs to remove – if any. This only apply if you dye your brows in a darker color than the natural color (which most people do), or a popping color like red etc.

I like to pluck as little as possible just do get a neat definition and I just follow the natural shape of my eyebrows which is rather arched. Okay, this is about personal preferences but I often think that ones natural shape suits one best. Some people have arched brows naturally and some got straighter, all shapes are equally fabulous! It cannot be said enough – do not remove dominant hairs above the brows. The sparse and hardly noticeable are fine to say goodbye to but leave the queens alone!

The only reason why I pull out the little scissor is to trim the front part of my brows because the hairs grow rather long and straight up. Sometimes I like them bushy like that and sometimes I like them freshly cut and neat. It’s all about feeling really but I don’t think trimming is necessary if you don’t have much hair to being with.

Remember that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. It is super normal that one brow is less thick or arched than the other. I know on myself that my left eyebrow is like the skinny and awkward sister while the right is the curvy bombshell. Okay, they’re not that different from each other but the left needs a little extra help. This is where our friend Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and/or Dipbrow Pomade swoops in (or any other product of your choice). Basically what I do is following my natural shape but giving it the extra push where my genes fail which is filling the gaps and elongating the tails.

I do not explain things very well sometimes so lucky I have videos where I demonstrate my actions!

1. How I dye, pluck and trim my eyebrows

2. How I fill my eyebrows (using Make Up Store trip brow here)

I’m saying it again. If you don’t want to one step or any at all then I don’t think it’s anything wrong with that! You do you, boo. You know yourself better than I (: Do what feels best for you.



  Fran wrote @

Hi Jo, hope you’re fine, firstable I want you to know how incredebible you are, so beautiful and humble omg. You’re 2 out of 5 of my favourite face/beauty-inspiration. Sorry my English it’s not that good actually I’m French. So I want to ask you 1) how did you improve your English through the years ? 2) do you plan to make a make-up routine video ? 3) what are your advices to a black-light-skin girl who want to improve her make-up skill ? Thank you to take time to read and respond. Love you, kisses from France

  Johanna wrote @

Hej, jag har plockat mina ögonbryn i flera år. Har sedan en tid tillbaka bestämt mig att låta dem växa ut igen, dock så växer det inte ut ordentligt och det växer glest. Har du några tips på hur man kan få ögonenbrynen att växa ut på ett bättre sätt? 🙂

  Johanna Herrstedt wrote @

Grejen är den att man om och om igen rycker ur ett hårstrå från hårsäcken så “dör” den och slutar producera nytt hår. Det är ett väldigt vanligt problem, även jag har det. Dock har jag turen att det gäller de håren jag hade plockat bort ändå. Dock finns det serum precis som man använder till ögonfransarna fast till brynen. Jag har inte använt det själv och vet ej om det funkar men du kan ju gå in djupare på det och se om det funkar för dig 🙂

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